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Can You Relate?
  I do not know other people with disabilities
I do not feel connected to the broader disability community in Arizona
I do not receive information about policy and legislative issues impacting me as a person who has a disability
I want to be more involved in my community
I lack the knowledge and tools to be an effective advocate in my community
I want to be involved in policy and legislative decisions that impact people with disabilities in the state

1 in 5 People Living in Arizona Have a Disability.
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                                            What is AZCLA?

The Arizona Community Leadership Academy seeks to increase leadership and community participation among people who have disabilities. Academy graduates learn about disability and Independent Living history, systems advocacy, and the skills they need to serve as community leaders on boards, councils and commissions. AZCLA is offered by Arizona’s Independent Living Network at six locations across the state.

About The Academy:

AZCLA will provide free statewide trainings that focus on disability and Independent Living history, advocacy skills, community leadership, mentoring and peer support, and the specific tools needed to serve on boards, councils, and commissions.

AZCLA is a Product of the Arizona Independent Living

Arizona Statewide Independent Living Council
Assist to Independence
 DIRECT Center for Independence
 New Horizons Disability Empowerment Center
Services Maximizing Independent Living and Empowerment

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The AZCLA will begin this summer and will offer training across the state at no cost to participants. The Academy consists of multiple class sessions held over a six week period of time. Academy sessions include eight to twelve participants and are held multiple times each year. The Academy  will be offered at each of Arizona’s five Centers for Independent Living and in Mohave County.


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Mission Statement

The mission of AZSILC is to promote the equality, inclusion, and choice for people with disabilities through collaboration and public policy change.

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