The Arizona Statewide Independent Living Council accomplishes much of its work as a result of the efforts of Council members and other stakeholders who serve on various committees. These committees work to provide SILC staff and the Council with input, direction and support related to carrying out our responsibilities related to the State Plan for Independent Living and other SILC activities.

Standing Committees:
The following committees are established in the organization’s bylaws.

  1. Executive –
  • Provide counsel and oversight to the executive director.
  • Monitor and review financial statements.
  • Conduct council business between quarterly meetings.
  • Annually review the organization’s bylaws and make recommendations to the Council for amendments and or changes.
  • Work in partnership with the Executive Director to develop an annual budget to be presented to the Council.
  • Oversee the activities of all committees.
  • Develop the agenda for Council meetings.
  1. Nominating & Membership –
  • Review the demographic profile of council composition to ensure statutory compliance
  • Identify and recruit appropriate individuals to recommend as candidates for gubernatorial appointments to the council.
  • Solicit council nominations for positions on the executive committee and provide oversight of council elections.
  • Recognize the contributions and tenure of council members. 

Ad Hoc Committees:
The following committees have been appointed by the Council Chair under the authority granted to him/her in the organization’s bylaws.

  1. Policy and Legislation –
  • Identify issues of importance to Arizonans who have disabilities
  • Develop and monitor the implementation of an annual advocacy agendafor the organization in partnership with staff, Council members, Centers for Independent Living and other strategic partners, councils and coalitions.
  • Develop strategies for sharing and promoting the advocacy agenda in the community.
  • Advise and assist in developing and sustaining collaborations with other disability related commissions, councils and organizations that support and promote the Independent Living philosophy.
  1. SPIL Evaluation –
  • Develop an instrument, methodology and scoring criteria for assessing, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the SPIL.
  • Conduct a periodic assessment and evaluation of the implementation of the SPIL.
  • Report to the council the data and findings of the SPIL assessment and evaluation.
  • Assist with the response related to evaluating SILC in the annual 704 Report.
  1. Resource Development – 
  • Establish an annual resource development plan in partnership with the Council that identifies funding priorities.
  • Actively participate in implementation of the resource development plan by providing guidance, expertise, and support.
  • Monitor the implementation of and progress toward successful completion of the plan.
  1. Emergency Preparedness –
  • Review and provide editorial comment on emergency preparedness issues and/or plans, with a particular focus on addressing functional needs populations.
  • Advise and/or participate in emergency drills and exercises.
  • Promote and support the council’s emergency preparedness presentations and workshops.
  • Participate in the Arizona Partners in Preparedness Conference.