Centers for Independent Living

What are Centers for Independent Living?

Centers for Independent Living are consumer-controlled, community-based organizations that provide programs and services for people with all types of disabilities and their families.

CILs Provide Five Core Services:

• Information & Referral Connecting people who have disabilities to programs and services that help them live independently.

• Independent Living Skills Training Providing one-on-one and group training to assist consumers to live independently.

• Transition Services Assisting consumers with moving from nursing homes to less restrictive living arrangements, such as a home or apartment; from youth to adulthood; and from rehabilitation settings to the community.

• Peer Support Providing peer mentoring and support to consumers who are learning to live independently, from role models who have been there.

• Individual & Systems Advocacy Teaching individuals about self-determination strategies and addressing physical and attitudinal barriers in society.

Arizona’s CILs provide a wide array of other independent living services:

  • Employment
  • Work skills education
  • Personal assistance services
  • Socialization and recreation
  • Sports, fitness and health
  • Home modifications
  • Reintegration from nursing home to the community
  • Access to affordable health care and accessible housing
  • Transportation

You can click here to download a brochure with more information about Arizona’s IL Network. If you have questions, please contact Larry Wanger, Executive Director of the Arizona Statewide Independent Living Council at 602-262-2900. You can download the full brochure in Text or PDF