The vision of the AZSILC is inclusive, accessible communities that value differences.

Core Values:  

AZSILC Members/ Board of Directors and Administrative Team believe in the following values which guide their decisions making policy and practice on a daily basis:

Every person has potential, innate talents, and abilities

In promoting the dignity, respect and inclusion of everyone

In acknowledging, respecting, and celebrating differences in people

Families can be effective advocates for adults and children with disabilities

Every person has a fundamental right to make their own choices in all aspects of life

Opportunities for independent living are essential to the well-being of people with disabilities

Involving of people with disabilities in the decision-making process of community programs and services


The mission of AZSILC is to promote the equality, inclusion, and choice for people with disabilities through collaboration and public policy change.


All members are appointed by the Governor and must reflect the diversity of Arizona with respect to age, disabilities, ethnicity, gender and geography.

The Council composition must include;

A voting majority of people with disabilities not employed by a center for independent living or the state, at least one director of a Center for Independent Living (CIL) chosen by the directors of CILs within the State, at least one representative from a 121 project in the state and a representative from the designated state unit.

The Council composition may include;

Advocates of and for individuals with disabilities, parents and legal guardians of individuals with disabilities, representatives from organizations that provide services for individuals with disabilities, representatives from private businesses, and other individuals as appropriate


Through its committees, AZSILC;

Conducts assessments of Independent Living programs and services

Facilitates community outreach, independent living forums, panels and workshops.

Collaborates in coordinating Independent Living conference, expositions, summits, and advocates for systemic changes that exchange and or expand independent living programs and services


Arizona Executive Order

Open Meeting Law 101