What we do

The Arizona Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) is a federally mandated organization established under Title VII, Section 705 of the Rehabilitation Act 1973 as amended 1998 and 2014. Arizona Governor’s Executive Order Number 2007-15, amending and superseding Executive Order 1998-10, documents the general provisions of the Arizona SILC.

The Governor of Arizona appoints a minimum of 15 and up to a maximum of 21 volunteer members for terms of three years to direct the work of the not-for-profit organization. These members are the decision making body for the work of the council. The primary purpose of the council is to assess and advocate for independent living programs and services for Arizonans with disabilities throughout the state. The SILC office is centrally located in Phoenix, Arizona at the Disability Empowerment Center.

The focus of AZ SILC is to:

  • Promote and support the enhancement and expansion of independent living programs and services,
  • Work collaboratively with the Arizona Rehabilitation Services Administration (AZRSA) and Centers for Independent Living (CILS) on developing and drafting the State Plan for

Independent Living

  • Monitor the implementation of the State Plan for Independent Living and provide reports on work toward the completion of goals and objectives outlined in the document, and
  • Advise policy makers and service providers about disability related issues.

Individuals appointed to serve on the Council include a diverse cross-section of men and women from across Arizona. The Council reflects the diversity of Arizona in terms of ethnicity, disability and insures representation from around the state.

Council members are appointed by the governor and must include:

  • a voting majority of people with disabilities who are not employed by the state or a Center for Independent Living (CIL),
  • at least one director of a Center for Independent Living,
  • at least one representative from any of the 121 Native American Rehabilitation projects in the state,
  • a representative from the Arizona Rehabilitation Services Administration,
  • Representatives from other state agencies that provide independent living services and
  • other appropriate individuals.

The Council utilizes a number of committees addressing a variety of functions and activities in order to facilitate the work of the SILC. These committees include Executive, Nominating, Strategies and Outreach, SPIL Evaluation and Emergency Preparedness. Committee participants include Council members and representatives from organizations serving persons who have disabilities.