About Us

Mission, Vision, and Values

Arizona Statewide Independent Living Council (AZSILC) is federally mandated and funded under the Rehabilitation Act. AZSILC is comprised of individuals appointed by the Governor. These Council members are Arizonans who have diverse disabilities, as well as advocates for people who have disabilities from across the state.


The mission of AZSILC is to facilitate systemic changes that promote equity, inclusion, and choice for people who have disabilities.


The vision of AZSILC is inclusive, accessible, communities that value differences.


AZSILC Members, Board of Directors, and Administrative Team uphold the following values which guide their decisions and practices on a daily basis:

We believe…

  • Everyone has potential, innate talents, and abilities;
  • In promoting the dignity, respect, and inclusion of everyone;
  • In acknowledging, respecting, and celebrating differences in people;
  • Families can be effective advocates for adults and children who have disabilities;
  • Every person has a fundamental right to make their own choices in all aspects of life;
  • Opportunities for independent living are essential to the well-being of people who have disabilities;
  • In involving people who have disabilities in the decision making process of community programs and services


  • Develops, implements, monitors, and evaluates the Arizona State Plan for Independent Living (AZSPIL).
  • Facilitates community outreach, independent living forums, panels, and workshops.
  • Collaborates in coordinating Independent Living conferences, expositions, summits, informs and educates for systemic changes that enhance and/or expand independent living